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Jacky Kemp, Certified Advance Theta Healer, Pranic Healer, Access Bars, Animal healer and Tarot Reader.

Meet Jacky Kemp, the founder of Ascension Healing. She is passionate about facilitating transformative changes for people so that they can move forward. She is an intuitive healer using her psychic gifts to help people heal their emotional and  physical illness. Jacky specializes in addiction recovery, trauma healing, unravelling complex family dynamics , nurturing the inner child and cultivating self worth. Her holistic approach draws upon the powerful modalities of Theta healing, Pranic healing, Tarot and Access Consciousness, offering her clients a multifaceted journey towards healing and self discovery.


Theta Healing

Theta Healing was created by Vianna Stibal in the 1980's. It is a holistic healing technique and spiritual philosophy through which one can obtain clarity on how to create a positive, healthy emotional, physical and spiritual life.

How Theta Healing can help you
: Releasing limiting beliefs and self sabotaging patterns.
: Healing and releasing traumas.
: Healing your Inner Child or children. 
: Healing ancestral beliefs which we carry  in our DNA.
: Addictions.
: Money mindset - Releasing all the beliefs of not being worthy of money.
: Healthy Relationships whether it is with your family, friends or lovers.
: Healthy boundaries.
: Self esteem.
: Self worth.
: Self love


How Theta healing works

The brain functions through four distinct brainwaves: theta, alpha, delta and gamma. Using Theta meditation techniques, the client reaches a state that optimises Theta brainwaves. Tapping this theta consciousness for healing allows a client to observe their sub-conscious perceptions together to identify limiting beliefs, sabotaging patterns and emotional blockages. These then can be resolved and cleared. New thoughts and beliefs can now be established, enabling the client to create the life they want - whether this be love, success, money, weight or career satisfaction.

Examples of self-limiting beliefs

  • I need to lose weight

  • I can’t afford it

  • I am unlovable

  • I am not worthy 

Examples of positive thoughts

  • I live a healthy lifestyle

  • I have plenty

  • I am lovable

  • I am worthy

Words and thoughts have power.

The words you speak in your mind shape the reality you live. 

Once the new thought forms are created, it is important for you to visualise your life changing! New ways of thinking, feeling and acting.

Book a session now to see how Theta can positively help you!

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing

Pranic healing is a powerful Non-touch energy healing modality created by Grand Master Kok Sui.

What is Pranic Healing  

Pranic Healing corrects the imbalances in the the body's energy field by working with the chakras.

How it works

The Practioner scans the clients body and chakras to identify blockages, depletions, or over activity. The chakras  have psychological and phycological functions which will effect how a person is feeling both emotionally and physically.  


How Pranic Healing can help

Balancing the body
Reducing stress
Healing the body from illness
Increased vitality
Releasing depression
Help the the healing of broken bones and surgeries 
Help healing animals 

How it works

Pranic Healing is a non-touch energy- based therapy using “Prana” (life force which is the abundant energy of all life surrounding us). A Pranic Healer directs this energy to accelerate the body’s capacity to inner-heal and self-repair on all levels. Pranic Healing works by aligning the body’s chakra systems so that energy is able to flow freely through the body, mind and soul. 

The Pranic healer scans the client's body and auric chakras to identify blockages, depletions and over-activity. These abnormalities can manifest as physical illnesses, stress, depression or a combination of all. The Pranic healer then cleanses and removes negative energy from the appropriate Chakra and replaces this with Prana. This rebalances, reharmonizes and restores all the energy centres, creating a dynamic flow of vitality and well being 



Animal Healing

Animals suffer the same illnesses as humans with depression, anxiety, grief, isolation and loneliness. Pranic healing works on animals the same as humans, by clearing negative energies from their chakras, energising and aligning them to produce wellbeing and contentment.


  • Theta Healing Basic DNA

  • Theta Healing Advanced DNA

  • Theta Healing Dig Deeper

  • Theta Healing Intuitive Anatomy

  • Theta Healing Manifesting an Abundance

  • Theta Healing Game of Life

  • Theta Healing Rhythm to a Perfect Weight

Pranic Healing

  • Pranic Basic Course

  • Advanced Pranic Healing

  • Pranic Psychotherapy

  • Pranic Crystal Healing

  • Achieving oneness with the Higher Soul

  • Animal Communication with Pea Horsley




30 minutes reading £45

Tarot 1 hour 



£45 pounds

Our prices


Theta Healing


This is a 1-hour session, which can be in person, via phone or Skype.

Theta Healing

5 sessions for £650

This is available over 1 year time period. These sessions can be in person, via phone or Skype.

Pranic Healing


This is a 1-hour session, which can be in person, via phone or Skype.


Pranic Healing

Three sessions £190

This is available over 1 year time period. These sessions can be in person, via phone or Skype.

Animal Healings


These are 1-hour sessions. This happens through distance healing. All that is required is a photograph of your pet.

Animal Healing

Three 1 hour sessions package £130

This is available over 1 year time period. This happens remotely through distance healing. All that is required is a photo of your pet.

Customer Testimonials

From the Source

Jacky is the purest soul i have  ever met. My house helper adopted a street dog who was 2 months old which then contracted a serious virus with a slim chance of survival. A friend referred Jacky and she sent distant healing to the dog and after a couple of sessions his health began to improve. He is now a happy playful dog. Thank you

Mahima Khanna

I can highly recommend Jacky for card readings and healings.

The first time I connected with her was when I desperately  needed help late in the evening with my senior dog who was really struggling with the heat and also had not been eating properly for quite awhile. The had advised that it might be time to let him go considering all the health issues but I felt he was not ready and that we needed help of a different kind. Jacky connected with him and was spot on with her reading of him and did several Pranic healing sessions on him after which he started to eat again!

This was several months ago and he is still doing well for an old boy.

I also had a tarot reading with her and she really helped me getting my head straight and to know what I needed to focus on in my personal and business life.

Jacky you are amazing. Thank you for helping us ! I hope soon we can meet in person 

Mareen Dannehi

I have had a few sessions with Jacky over the last year. Her kind caring nature took me into a loving space where I felt safe to face and heal some of my deepest wounds.
After our last session I have completely became aware of how I was closing a heavy karmic cycle and literally was able to step into a new and different timeline. She has been friendly and supportive during my healing journey, always checking in to see how I was doing. I highly recommend Jacky to anyone who is looking to positively change their lives or trying to figure out their life purpose
Thank you Jacky

Andrea Popa

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